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Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most commonly used treatment option these days while replacing the missing natural teeth with the best possible results. Dental implant is placed within the jaw bone and it functions as an artificial root. After its healing it is loaded with the abutment and an artificial crown.

Why are Dental Implants Important

Other than tooth replacement, the most important reason for implant placement is preservation of the underlying bone. Whenever a tooth falls off or extracted, the bone in its vicinitystarts resorbing as it is not in function. The progressive resorption ofthe bone reduces its height. This becomes even more significant in multiple teeth loss. Extra-orally, the facial structure and muscles gets collapsed giving older appearance. Dental implants placement preserves the resorption further or rather slow down the process. Along with artificial crown placement, it can even restore the missing gum portion providing the proper contours in the cheek area.

The Procedure of Tooth Filling

Although each procedure varies subtly, there are some basic guidelines to treat cavities, and they are followed by all dental professionals.

  • Improved Masticatory Functions:When an implant is placed in the bone in a healthy patient, over a period of time, it gets fused with the bone (osseointegration). This anchored implant functions and resist the masticatory (chewing) stresses comparable to that of the natural root.
  • Improved Speech: As it is fixed in the mouth, the chances of dislodgement or slipping of the crown or prosthesis is almost nil if placed properly. The speech is significantly improved especially when used in front teeth replacement.
  • Esthetics: It resembles as that of a natural tooth emerging from the bone and gingiva (gums). Also the material used for crown fabrication isavailable in various shades to match the adjacent natural teeth. This makes the implant difficult to differentiate socially while performing normal activities like talking, smiling, laughing etc
  • Improve confidence level and self esteem:The natural appearance oftheimplant greatly boosts the level of confidence. This also affects the level of cheerfulnessin the patients giving a youthful smile.
  • Multiple missing tooth replacement :When multiple missing teeth in a row are to be replaced, the implantcan be used for supporting the bridges. For edentulous patients (no teeth in the mouth), All-on-4 or All-on-6 systems are used. Four or six implants are placed in each arch and the bridges are placed on it, eliminating the need of bone grafting with excellent overall results along withimproved chewing efficiency.