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    Dental Implants

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    Experience the transformational power of the All-on-X dental procedure, renowned for its effectiveness under the expert care of Dr. Aflatooni at MyGcDental. Say goodbye to dental woes and embrace a confident smile with this cutting-edge treatment. Your journey to renewed dental health begins here.

    All-On-X: The Ultimate Solution for Complete Tooth Restoration

    At Gainesville Complete Dental, we are proud to offer the All-on-X dental implant procedure, a revolutionary approach to tooth replacement. Dr. Aflatooni, our experienced dentist at Gainesville Complete Dental, specializes in this advanced technique. With as few as four implants, we can completely restore an entire dental arch, eliminating the need for a mouthful of individual dental implants.

    What sets All-on-X apart is its minimally invasive nature, resulting in shorter surgical procedures compared to traditional implant techniques.

    Imagine this: in just one day, you can transform your smile and your life. At Gainesville Complete Dental and under the expert care of Dr. Aflatooni, you can experience ‘Teeth in a day’. Walk in with your current smile and walk out on the same day with a perfect, new one.

    Compared to earlier implant procedures, All-on-X is notably less invasive, resulting in shorter surgical times.

    This groundbreaking technique achieves in four dental implants what previously required 6, 7, 8, or even more implants. The crucial innovation lies in the strategic positioning of these implants.

    Traditionally, single-tooth implants were inserted straight into the jawbone. By introducing an angled approach, we can make better use of available bone, creating a more robust and stable foundation for your new set of teeth.

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    All-On-X Dental Implants Look Like Real Teeth

    Unlike traditional dentures, All-on-X prosthetics offer an unparalleled level of realism. Our dental prosthetics are meticulously fashioned from premium zirconia, enabling a translucency that replicates the depth found in natural teeth. The expertly hand-painted ‘gums’ are a testament to our attention to detail, skillfully mimicking the nuanced color variations observed in real gums.