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    Dental Crown

    A crown is basically a cap for a damaged tooth. It can be made from a variety of materials, including metal or porcelain. You might have a crown over a molar that rarely shows, except when you yawn widely, or you might have crowns on your front teeth that were specifically designed to match your other teeth. Several factors are important to consider when choosing a crown, including: cost, strength and durability.

    A natural appearance that doesn’t detract from your smile may also be a priority for you. A dentist can discuss the various options and help you to figure out what best meets your needs.

    Types of Dental Crowns

    • Porcelain
    • Ceramic
    • Zirconia
    • Metal
    • Composite resin
    • A combination of materials

    tooth_1What are the factors your doctor will consider?

    For example, you could have a porcelain crown that’s fused to metal, as opposed to an all-porcelain crown. When selecting the material for your crown, your dentist will consider factors such as:

    1. your tooth’s location
    2. how much of the tooth will show when you smile
    3. position of your gum tissue
    4. function of the tooth that needs the crown
    5. how much natural tooth is remaining
    6. color of the surrounding teeth

    tooth_1Temporary Crown

    A temporary crown is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a crown that’ll only remain in your mouth for a short period of time. Your dentist will place it over your tooth with an adhesive that’s easily removed, so it won’t be as strong as a permanent crown. This is done while you’re waiting for a permanent crown to be made. The permanent crown will be placed on your tooth at a second appointment. In our office we only provide the best and most cosmetically appealing to our patients. We give you a crown that matches the rest of your teeth size and color.