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Wearing orthodontic silicone trainer close up

Invisalign are the clear teeth aligners made up of medical grade polyurethane resin.They are custom made to fit your teeth.

Why is it Important

Invisalign is used for minor angulationcorrection, minor rotation, mild crowding. The most important reason beingthe best for the patients who are allergic to metals, latex, bisphenol-A. This has added its value along with other benefits.

The Procedure of Tooth Filling

  • Invisible : Invisalign are the clear aligners made up of thermoplastic materials. They goes almost un-noticeable when placed in the mouth unlike metal braces and wires. They are a very good treatment option in socially active group of people who are involved in public speaking, singing and who does not want metal wires.
  • Improved periodontal health :Invisalign are trays with softer and smoother edges which does not favor accumulation of plaque and food remnants. They are removable and can be cleaned easily with ultra soft brushes gently. Proper cleaning and brushing of the teeth becomes difficult when the fixed appliances are placed. Invisalign can be removed before brushing the teeth in the morning and at night.
  • No damage to oral tissues :The softer material is gentle to the oral tissues. It does not irritate or hurt the gums and are very comfortable.
  • Reduced risk of dental caries :As Invisalign are removable, routine oral hygiene practices like proper tooth brushing and flossing can be done effectively. This becomes difficult specially with the fixed appliances. Invisalign has shown much lesser incidence of caries initiation as compared to that of other treatment options.
  • Normal dietary pattern :Your normal diet and food habits needs no changes , as usually needed with fixed appliances. Invisalign is removed and yes you can eat the food of your choice. But remember to brush and rinse once before placing it back. Thefood remnant may get entrapped and irritate the gums and increase the caries risk.
  • Pleasing smile with well aligned teeth :Slight crowding and minor rotations can be easily corrected to give you an attractive smile. The results can be noticed during the treatment itself as invisalign are clear and invisible.